Veggie Lovers Sushi Platter


A platter of our favorite vegetarian sushi rolls. Includes Japanese Garden rolls, Veggie Philly rolls, and Cucumber Avocado rolls.

If you'd like to order a platter for outside our holiday reservations pickup dates, please order from the department at your preferred store.

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  • Vegetarian
  • Local
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Serves 6-8.

Ingredients: Sushi Rice, Japanese Garden (green kale, sesame seeds, tamari, sushi vinegar, sugar, sesame oil), Cucumber Avocado (avocado, miso cured cucumber, roasted shishito peppers, takuan, dried seaweed, green soy paper), Vegetarian Philly Roll (carrots, cucumber, cream cheese, water, rice vinegar, tamari, miso, dried seaweed, natural smoke). Contains: Soy, Milk