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Pure Country Pork

Pure Country Pork is the first sustainable hog farm in the United States to earn Food Alliance Certification, which requires adherence to new, stricter sustainability guidelines. This idea of raising hogs naturally and sustainably first came to Paul Sr. when he was in 4H club. Now, this family-ran operation has some of the most progressive, thoughtful practices around, adopting humane standards and techniques from around the globe. Their pigs are fed a non-GMO vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics or added hormones* and they’re free to roam—never caged or crated. We’ve been working with them for a long time and even gave them an interest-free loan to help them keep up with demand for fresh, natural pork. Their boneless hams are proof that the better it’s raised, the better it tastes.

*The use of growth stimulants, hormones, or promotants are banned in US pork and poultry production.  ​

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