What are your pick-up dates for December?
Pick-up dates for the December holiday season are from Saturday, December 21st, to Friday, December 27th, excluding Christmas Day (December 25th) as we are closed on the holiday.

Can I pick up my order the week before Christmas or Hanukkah?
If you want to pick up your order earlier than Saturday, December 21st, please contact the meat department of your neighborhood New Seasons Market to place a special order.

Can I reserve a pick-up order for today?
Sorry, New Seasons Market is not able to fulfill orders on the same day that the order was placed.

Can I reserve a pick up order for tomorrow?
Yes, as long as you place your order before 4 p.m. you can choose to pick up your order on the next day.

When is the last day to order?
New Seasons is taking December reservations through Monday, December 23rd, at 4 p.m.

Are you open on Christmas Day?
No, New Seasons Market stores are closed on Christmas Day to allow our staff to celebrate with their families.

Can I pick up my order after Christmas?
Yes, you can choose up to 2 days after Christmas to pick up your order.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Sorry, we aren't able to accommodate phone orders but if you need assistance you can reach out via email (reservations@newseasonsmarket.com) or chat.

Can I edit or cancel my reservation order myself?
Sorry, you will need to contact us to edit or cancel an order. You can reach out via email (reservations@newseasonsmarket.com) or chat.

Where do I pick up my order?
Go to the store you selected when you placed your reservation and follow the signs to the Pick-Up Table.

What’s my store’s hours, address or phone number?
Find your local store’s hours and contact information here.

Do reservation orders earn points as part of Neighbor Rewards?
Yes, your reservation order earns Neighbor Rewards points at the time of purchase at your pick-up store. Find out more or join Neighbor Rewards here.

What size turkey is right for me?
We recommend 1 lb per person for no leftovers, 1.5 lbs per person for some leftovers, and 2 lbs per person for lots of leftovers.

Am I able to reserve a turkey the exact size I want?
We offer turkeys in 2-lb weight increments on the website. When you pick up your turkey at the store you can let the person know at the pick-up table what weight you are looking for and we will accommodate your request as best we can.

Can I have my turkey cut, butterflied, or filleted into pieces?
Yes, we will gladly cut your bird to your preference. Just let the person at the pick-up table know what you need. Feel free to continue your shopping while we prepare your turkey.

How do I thaw or cook my turkey?
Just submerge your bird, in its bag, in cold water to de-ice and soften before cooking or brining. There are lots of ways to cook a turkey, from classic roasting to deep fried. You can find the recipe for our favorite classic roasting method here.

Why does my turkey have ice on it?
Our turkeys are chilled to 28°. We don’t use preservatives or additives; so chilling is the best way to keep them fresh. Just submerge your bird, in its bag, in cold water to de-ice and soften before cooking or brining.

What’s the best way to heat up my prepared side dishes and deli items for the holiday?
Most of our house-made dishes quickly and easily reheat in the oven or microwave. You can find our comprehensive reheating guide here.

Where do your turkeys come from?
Most of our turkeys come from the Diestel’s family ranch in Sonora, California. Find out more about Diestel ranch and their turkeys.

What is the difference between all your Diestel turkey varieties?
Please meet our many fine turkeys offered during the 2019 holidays.

Is the petite turkey a young turkey?
The "Diestel Petite Turkey" is a proprietary Diestel breed that is fully matured at its naturally intended weight of 6-10 lbs.

What breed are your turkeys?
Diestel’s American Heirlooms comprises Auburn, Black, and American Bronze turkeys. Their Natural, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Organic turkeys are a White Broad Breasted.

Are your turkeys Toms or Hens?
Diestel turkeys are hens until the larger sizes. Both are great options when purchasing a turkey, just pick the size you need.